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Quick Bill Payment

Please enter bill details. We will attempt to lookup your bill using Account Number, Due Date and Amount Due you entered. Click [Next] button to proceed.
Bill Details
Payment Type Required entry Griffith Utility Bill  
Account Number Required entry  
Due Date Required entry yyyy-MM-dd Click here for popup calendar  
Amount Due Required entry  
Fields denoted with Required are required

IMPORTANT: In order to use Quick Payment feature, you will need your bill. You must enter the requested information as follows:

  1. Account Number - your account number - excluding any dashes or spaces
  2. Due Date - the date your bill is due in YYYY-MM-DD format
  3. Amount Due - bill amount due (not the late amount, even if the bill is past due)

If you make frequent payments, we recommend that you register - it's FREE. The following are benefits of registering:

  • Drop your current bill into a shopping cart with a single click (all information except credit card number and expiration date will be pre-populated)
  • Make partial payments
  • View/print last 6 months of your bills online
  • Access your payment history and receipts
  • Sign up for "bill ready" email notifications

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